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Waterproofing Corpus Christi Buildings Prevents Future Costs & Keeps You Safe

Better Foundation Repair Corpus Christi knows what your home needs to stay dry and stable for a lifetime.

Waterproofing Corpus Christi homes and business locations is something that not everyone knows about. If you haven't heard, now is the time to learn about the advantages. Waterproof a foundation and you can have peace of mind the structure's stability will be protected from moisture, mold, and pest damages for as long as you live there.

There's nothing getting through your basement or crawl space with the superior methods and top-notch materials we utilize. If you're already dealing with a flooded downstairs, call now before it gets even worse.

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We're Waterproofing Corpus Christi Buildings in All Kinds of Ways

Basement Waterproofing in Corpus Christi Saves Your Space

Basement waterproofing in Corpus Christi can be the one home improvement that gets you your home back. When people find water in their basement, they either stop going down there or work around it. Why give up all the extra square footage?

Our basement waterproofing options are guaranteed to keep the space you've been avoiding dry. Even if you don't use your basement, the service adds a layer of protection to your foundation to keep your home in a more stable condition for longer.

If you're interested in discovering how you can benefit from our foundation company's options, call Better Foundation Repair Corpus Christi.

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Crawl Space Waterproofing for Corpus Christi Conditions

The crawl space waterproofing in Corpus Christi you need isn't going to be the same as what other regions of the country require. Because we're a locally owned and operated foundation repair company, we know what to expect from the weather.

Precipitation significantly influences the amount of water that reaches your crawl space, but we already understand what has to be completed to keep it away.

Our dedicated contractors aren't afraid to climb around in your dark and damp crawl space. All we're concerned with is providing top-quality services at fair prices. Call, text, email, or fill out the online quote form to learn more.

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French Drain Installation in Corpus Christi - It's the Modern Way

French drain installation in Corpus Christi is an advanced drainage solution that more and more property owners are taking advantage of. When there is a significant amount of water pooling around your home and in your lawn, we will make a plan to get it out and away, where no more damage can be done.

Our specialized tools and equipment allow us to achieve the french drain installation at your home without tearing up your yard or leaving behind a big mess. You can get a detailed quote, including price and timeframe for completion, when you reach out to us.

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Time for Sump Pump Installation in Corpus Christi? Call Us!

Did you know that a sump pump installation in Corpus Christi is required about every decade? Even if you buy the newest, most expensive model out there, it will eventually wear out. An ineffective sump pump isn't doing you any favors. It won't be long, and your basement or crawl space will flood, and then you'll really be frustrated.

We have various makes and models at every price point in stock and ready to be installed. Afterward, our waterproofing specialist will explain in detail how everything works, including how to take advantage of your warranty.

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"The team at Better Foundation Repair was fast, professional, and affordable. Everything we wanted in a foundation company. Their crew came in and provided crack repair services in no time. Highly recommend them!"
- Ray C.

Our Waterproofing Corpus Christi Service Areas Are Growing!

As the leading company to go to for waterproofing in the Corpus Christi service area, it's not a big surprise that we've been forced to expand our reach. The long list of satisfied clients we've worked for have told their friends and neighbors about what we do, and now they want us, too. Are you located in or around Ingleside, Alice, Portland, Kingsville, or Robstown? You could be our next appointment. Call our office to discuss your location and your needs with our delightful customer care team.

Cracked, Bowing, or Leaning Walls? Call Our Foundation Repair Experts in Corpus Christi Now!

Home foundation repair doesn't have to be a headache. Reach out to our specialists for hassle-free, affordable, timely foundation services, including slab jacking, house leveling, sump pump installation, and more! Call us at (361) 480-0823
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