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If your property has a pier and beam foundation, an investment in crawl space encapsulation in Corpus Christi is vital. An encapsulation system for a crawl space helps repel water while providing an inhospitable surface for insects and rodents. Additionally, a crawl space encapsulation installation helps create a space that’s usable for storage! The team here at Better Foundation Repair Corpus Christi can explain all these benefits in more detail.

If your property is prone to moisture buildup, it’s time for an encapsulation system for a crawl space. Many contractors will tell you that moisture is the #1 enemy of any foundation design, including crawl spaces. Encapsulation, dehumidifiers, and other waterproofing options keep those spaces strong and stable. In turn, you’ll face fewer foundation repair costs over the years and can keep your crawl space dry.

With this in mind, why not call today for your free encapsulation installation price quote? We’ll inspect your home, note your various options, and prepare a comprehensive estimate. The sooner you schedule encapsulation, the sooner you start protecting your home against damage. If you still have questions or are ready to get your property started, contact us today!

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What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Are you wondering what’s involved with crawl space encapsulation and how it protects your property? To encapsulate a crawl space, a contractor covers virtually every inch of it with thick plastic sheeting. This includes the ground, the structure’s underside, and all building materials.

  • Encapsulation sheeting prevents buildings materials from absorbing moisture while also protecting them against termites, carpenter ants, and other pests.
  • Also, note that an encapsulation system for a crawl space differs from vapor barriers and waterproof membranes. Vapor barriers only cover the ground, blocking evaporating moisture. A contractor typically installs membranes along concrete slabs or basement walls.
  • On the other hand, encapsulation systems protect piers and beams as well as building materials along a structure’s underside. These include insulation, pipes, wiring, and framing.

If you still have questions about encapsulation, we’re happy to help. Also, visit our blog for added information on how to protect your structure’s foundation. This can include a dehumidifier installation, a sump pump, French drains, and more. All these options protect your home or commercial structure and ensure clean, dry spaces inside and out.

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Why Your Property Needs Crawl Space Encapsulation

Are you still not convinced that crawl space encapsulation is the right choice for your property? Check out some reasons why your home or commercial building needs full-scale encapsulating:

  • Encapsulation sheeting prevents framing wood rot, protecting a structure’s subflooring and other joists and beams.
  • Many properties with pier and beam foundations have plumbing pipes, electrical wiring, and other features running along their underside. Encapsulation protects those materials against rust, corrosion, and other damage.
  • Insects and rodents typically find encapsulation sheeting very inhospitable. In turn, your property might suffer fewer infestations and pest damage.
  • Additionally, thick encapsulation sheeting might allow you to use that space for storage! Also, you won’t need to crawl along exposed dirt to access the space if you choose encapsulation.

Lastly, note that foundation damage often affects property values! In turn, protecting that foundation against damage also protects equity you’ve built in your structure.

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What Makes Our Team Top-Rated

Better Foundation Repair Corpus Christi is your expert choice for crawl space encapsulation in Corpus Christi, Texas. What makes us stand out from the competition? There are many reasons to contact our crew for your crawl space waterproofing needs!

  • With over 20 years of industry experience, you know we’ve seen it all when it comes to crawl spaces! Additionally, our experience means that we have the expertise needed for outstanding services, never overlooking a detail.
  • Customer care is always at the top of our priority list. In turn, we’re happy to answer your questions about crawl space maintenance and needed fixes.
  • We guarantee every encapsulation installation with a guarantee of quality. Consequently, you know our work lasts for years to come.

We know that crawl space maintenance and repairs are often overwhelming for property owners. As such, we always endeavor to take the stress out of the process. For more information or for a free quote, call our team today.



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All the Crawl Space Repair Work You Need to Have Done!

In addition to crawl space encapsulation, we provide all the foundation repairs and maintenance your property needs to have done in Corpus Christi area. This includes crack and leak patching, bowing basement wall fixes, and waterproofing. We guarantee every project for quality and put that promise in writing. Whatever it takes to ensure a strong foundation without structural problems under your property, we’re the team to get it done. Call for a free estimate! 

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