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What To Expect During a Foundation Inspection in Corpus Christi

Have you ever watched a live foundation inspection in Corpus Christi as it was happening? Chances are not likely. Foundation inspections are typically only completed during the sale of a home or if there are noticeable issues that have formed after decades of living in the same location.

Better Foundation Repair Corpus Christi is the leading choice for homeowners looking for home foundation inspections because we always get it right. If there's something wrong with your structure, we will find it. Even problems that haven't reached their maximum levels for causing issues we pick up on right away.

We take the time to do careful assessments so that you're not stuck with catastrophic problems later on. Not only is it not fair to you, but it can get dangerous if our team misses something because we weren't giving you our best performance.

Before you call around the plethora of foundation inspectors in Corpus Christi, let us show you how well we can do our job for you. Quotes are FREE, so call today!

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A Home Foundation Inspection in Corpus Christi Saves You Stress

You've thought about getting a foundation inspection in Corpus Christi before, but the signs of wear and tear you see aren't making you that nervous... yet. Before you hold off on a home foundation inspection, know that things with your structure's stability can change at a moment's notice, and you could end up causing significant damages to your property.

Think about what happens with substantial rainfall, for instance. Water will wash away soil in some cases. What will that do to your foundation? That goes without mentioning what could happen to your family or your belongings if there were any kind of a collapse that resulted from neglecting to handle this homeowner task adequately.

The benefits of foundation inspection include:

  • Detailed printout of all the structural foundation inspectors findings
  • Several options for repair that are budget-friendly
  • Peace of mind that your family is safe
  • Prevention of further damages

Don't put yourself or your family at risk of injury. Contact our foundation repair company in Corpus Christi today to speak with one of our specialists.

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Waiting for a Structural Engineer Foundation Inspection Could Cost You

You've never worried about a foundation inspection in Corpus Christi before, so why start now? Well, what could happen if you look the other way and hope for the best could be severe.

As long as the cracks in your home's foundation are still tiny enough, we will repair them quickly and at a cheaper rate. If the cracks start to grow, eventually, massive chunks of the concrete or other material type will crumble, and there will be nothing left holding your building up.

The more you dodge the home foundation inspection you know is in front of you, the worse you're hurting yourself and your chances of a quick and affordable foundation repair service.

Don't waste your time or money! Reach out, and we will get the ball in motion.

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The Foundation Inspection Cost in Corpus Christi is Worth Every Dime

There are companies out there that do free foundation inspections in Corpus Christi, but you can imagine you get what you pay for with this sort of a thing. If the person that you've called over to look at your foundation is a general contractor, you can almost bet that something will get missed. These guys and gals are good at what they do, but foundation repair is a specialized industry, and you need someone educated and trained in what to watch for.

Better Foundation Repair Corpus Christi is the leading foundation repair company in the region, and there's a reason why. We've built our reputation for being the best by the flawless finishes and superior customer service we provide.

Do you want your building to be the next on the list for foundation inspection in Corpus Christi? Contact the office today! We do commercial foundation inspections for those more prominent and more complex buildings if you're interested. Get all of the information when you call.



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Don't Forget About Our Other Foundation Repair Services in Corpus Christi!

After your foundation inspection in the Corpus Christi service area has been done by our crew, we're also who you can count on to complete whatever required foundation repairs, waterproofing, or other foundation-related services we uncover. There are no tricks up our sleeve to force you into a costly repair that isn't necessary. What our foundation inspectors tell you is the truth, and we stand behind our word and our work with a 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE!

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Home foundation repair doesn't have to be a headache. Reach out to our specialists for hassle-free, affordable, timely foundation services, including slab jacking, house leveling, sump pump installation, and more! Call us at (361) 480-0823
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