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Slab Foundation Repair in Corpus Christi Gets Your Home Level Once Again

There is a considerable demand for slab foundation repair in Corpus Christi, Texas, because so many homes in this area are built on the poured concrete layer. It's an affordable alternative to many other foundation types, and it will hold up typically for anywhere from 80 to 100 years. So as long as your slab was built with precision, you shouldn't have to worry about it. 

However, there are plenty of uncontrollable factors that will disrupt the integrity of your concrete and cause cracking and other issues. Therefore, you want a professional to assist you with the fix when it happens. Better Foundation Repair Corpus Christi has decades of experience, and we're ready to be dispatched to your location.

Before you decide what to do about your damaged slab foundation, give us a call. We will send someone over to do a thorough assessment. It's FREE, and there's no obligation to partner with us.

slab foundation repair in Corpus Christi
cracks in slab foundation in Corpus Christi needing repair

The Cost of Slab Foundation Repair in Corpus Christi is Worth It!

It's the first question we get from the majority of our clients..."what does slab foundation repair cost in Corpus Christi?" It's a fair inquiry. However, we can't give you a definitive answer. Why? Because all of our foundation repair services are customized to the specific job in front of us. We don't believe in charging homeowners for products or services that aren't necessary or used. A one-size-fits-all rate doesn't work.

We encourage you to reach out to get your customized quote. In the meantime, take a look at what benefits you get from slab foundation repair charges:

  • Safety - the soundness of your home depends on the foundation. If it's weak, you could see a partial collapse of walls, floors, or the chimney.
  • Resale value - if you're thinking of selling your home, a damaged foundation will lower what the property is worth. Take care of the slab foundation repair before putting it on the market.
  • Better understanding - if there are cracks in the slab foundation, there are problems somewhere else. Find out what's causing the issue and fix the problem at the source.

Please take a few moments and look at the valuable information on our blog! Then, when you're ready to speak with our friendly experts, give us a call.

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Signs You Need a Pro  to Assist You with Your Foundation Repair

There are common indicators that you require a slab foundation repair in Corpus Christi. Unfortunately, some signs aren't quite so obvious. Before calling to hire a professional foundation repair company to assist you, it's ideal to know what you're looking for. Some contractors are quick to fool you out of your money, and that's the last thing you should have to deal with.

Watch for situations like:

  • Cracks in the concrete
  • Windows and doors that won't open and close correctly
  • Exterior walls that aren't straight
  • Humidity and strange smells inside
  • Water standing near the foundation
  • Bouncing or creaking floors

You can rest assured that if you put your foundation problems in the hands of our experts, we will be honest and fair. It's how we've become one of the most reputable foundation repair businesses in the state of Texas.

We're excited to work with you and make your home more structurally sound once again. So fill out our convenient online quote form today, and we will speak with you soon!

signs a slab foundation repir in Corpus Christi are required
cracks in concrete slab foundation needing repair in Corpus Christi

Repair Cracks in a Concrete Slab Foundation with Our Experts

Before you trust your demand for repairing cracks in your slab foundation to just anyone, you should be aware that this is a specialized task. Unfortunately, not every home contractor has the knowledge, skills, tools, equipment, or team to handle a complicated slab foundation repair in Corpus Christi.

Calm your anxiety knowing that we offer what you want, need, and expect when investing in a pro:

  • Over 20 years of dedication to the industry
  • Specialized tools and equipment
  • Modern, efficient methods
  • A qualified team of foundation repair contractors
  • Warranties on our high-quality products
  • Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

You're making a wise choice when you trust your home or business to our Better Foundation Repair Corpus Christi. So pick up the phone and call now.



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"The team at Better Foundation Repair was fast, professional, and affordable. Everything we wanted in a foundation company. Their crew came in and provided crack repair services in no time. Highly recommend them!"
- Ray C.

Whatever You Need for the Stability of Your Structure, We Do!

After performing hundreds of foundation repairs and seeing the features in various conditions, Better Foundation Repair Corpus Christi knows how to assist you. Is your foundation in pristine condition? Then instead of waiting for something to go wrong, why don't you reach out to us to learn the options for protecting it! We do many waterproofing services, including basement waterproofing, crawl space waterproofing, sump pump installations, French drains, and more. Our structural engineer will look at your foundation first and then let you know the best route to keep your foundation in the most acceptable shape possible.

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