What is a Foundation Inspection & What Does it Include?

July 5, 2023

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Your home is only as strong as its foundation. Often unseen, the foundation of a building is a critical component in its overall structural stability. This guide offers a thorough overview of conducting a foundation inspection, ensuring your property's integrity and long-term reliability. 

You may be wondering what a foundation inspection is. To briefly put it, a foundation inspection thoroughly examines the area beneath your home and finds any damages or discrepancies. 

If a problem is located, the contractor will note it in their report. Please continue reading for an in-depth look at the foundation inspection process.

Understanding the Importance of Foundation Inspection

Before we delve into the details, it's essential to grasp the significance of a foundation inspection—the stability and safety of a home hinge on the foundation's condition. Minor issues can swiftly evolve into major ones if not promptly identified and addressed. Regular foundation inspections can help detect potential problems early, saving you from costly repairs in the future.

It doesn't matter whether you have a concrete slab or pier & beam foundation, as both require the same treatment. The contractor you choose should be well-versed and trained in both. The concrete slab foundation includes the interior and exterior basement in the assessment process. Pier & beam foundation inspection consists of a survey of the exterior and interior crawl space. These areas beneath a house must remain dry and free of pest infestations. Flooding and vermin can cause many problems for the homeowner, including health woes and property damage.

The goal of the foundation inspector is to pinpoint signs of damage and prevent further issues from occurring. They'll also be locating the source of the damage so it can be repaired and prevented from happening again.

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Signs That You Need a Foundation Inspection

What are the signs of foundation issues? Every homeowner should be aware of the common symptoms! These include:

  • Cracks on floors, walls, or ceilings
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Uneven or sloping floors
  • Gaps around windows or exterior doors
  • Bulging or bowing walls
  • Moisture or water intrusion

If you notice any of these symptoms, it's time to arrange a foundation inspection.

What is a foundation inspection, and how is one carried out?

A foundation inspection visually examines a residential or commercial property's foundational structures, components, and materials. Conducting a foundation inspection involves several steps, as discussed below.

Visual Inspection

A visual inspection is the initial step in any foundation assessment. This involves thoroughly examining the foundation, looking for visible signs of potential issues like cracks, water damage, mold, and other irregularities. The ground around the foundation should also be checked for proper grading.

Physical Inspection

After visual assessment, a more detailed physical examination is required. This includes checking the level of floors, examining the stability of walls and ceilings, and scrutinizing doors and windows. Use a level tool to measure floor evenness and ensure that doors and windows open and close smoothly without sticking.

Professional Evaluation

While homeowners can do basic foundation checks, a professional foundation inspection is recommended for a comprehensive assessment. Structural engineers or certified inspectors have the knowledge and tools to identify subtle signs of foundation problems that untrained eyes may overlook.

Hiring a contractor that meets a certain set of criteria is important. Does the contractor you're considering have extensive experience working with foundation systems?  Do other customers recommend them in the local community? Have you spoken to them over the phone or had a face-to-face meeting? Ensure the company you plan to hire has a great reputation for foundation inspection services.

The Report: Understanding the Results of a Foundation Inspection

Once the foundation inspection has been completed, you'll get a report specifying the contractor's findings. The report may include identified problems, how severe they are, and what the recommended repairs look like. Now is the time to ask the contractor any questions you may have about their findings, how much the estimated costs are, and how urgent it is to get the repairs underway.

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Addressing Foundation Issues

Upon discovering foundation problems, timely action is crucial. Depending on the severity of the issue, remediation may involve simple fixes, such as sealing minor cracks or installing a dehumidifier for moisture control. You may require professional repairs or foundation replacement for more serious problems like major structural damage.

Preventive Measures for Foundation Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure. Regularly inspect your foundation and undertake preventive maintenance, such as proper drainage installation, ground slope adjustment for water diversion, and regular checking for cracks and early signs of foundation damage.


The importance of a solid, well-maintained foundation can't be overstated. Regular foundation inspections are vital for maintaining the structural integrity of your home, ensuring safety, and avoiding costly future repairs. A small investment in routine inspection can save you from significant expenses and hassles in the long run.

Remember, if you're in doubt, seek professional advice. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your solid and secure foundation is well worth the effort and investment.

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