Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Repair in Corpus Christi?

July 21, 2022

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Are you a homeowner asking, does homeowners insurance cover foundation repair in Corpus Christi, Texas? If so, you’re certainly not alone! Foundation repair often runs into thousands of dollars. In turn, homeowners are often curious about how they can avoid or reduce those costs.

Unfortunately, your insurance isn’t likely to cover home foundation repair in Corpus Christi. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to make a claim! Your insurance agent can advise if your policy covers your repair costs. In the meantime, check out some added information about most homeowners’ insurance policies so you know what to expect.

repairing a crack in home foundation in corpus christi tx

Does homeowner’s insurance cover Corpus Christi foundation repair?

Whether or not your homeowner’s insurance covers foundation repair costs depends on the cause of foundation issues. First, consider that your insurance doesn’t cover repair needed for everyday wear and tear. Second, it also doesn’t pay for repairs needed due to neglect or faulty DIY fixes.

Consequently, your insurance carrier isn’t likely to pay for foundation repair needed due to age. Over time, foundation concrete might absorb moisture around it and then soften and weaken. Also, that moisture and weakening risks cracks and leaks. These repairs are typically a homeowner’s responsibility and not covered by insurance.

Additionally, neglecting your property or needed foundation maintenance also risks premature damage. For instance, improperly graded soil or clogged gutters often result in excess moisture collecting around the foundation. Your insurance policy is not likely to cover damage resulting from this neglect.

On the other hand, your insurance carrier will reimburse repair costs for what are called covered perils. This phrase refers to incidents listed on your policy and their resultant damage. Typically, your homeowner’s insurance covers foundation damage caused by fire, a tornado, or plumbing issues mentioned in your policy.

A homeowners’ insurance policy typically covers damage caused by vandalism or certain accidents. So, if someone were to crash their car into your home, your policy will probably cover your foundation repair costs.

How do you know if your home needs foundation repair?

A full-scale foundation inspection is the best choice for spotting foundation damage and needed repair! Many foundation repair contractors in Corpus Christi offer free or low-cost inspections. Their expertise ensures that you get a full report on your home’s condition from the ground up.

Additionally, homeowners do well to understand signs of foundation damage around their property. These include interior and exterior wall cracks and cracks along interior ceilings. Also, look for gaps in room corners and uneven door and window frames. You might also notice doors and windows that stick suddenly or that you struggle to lock.

Bowing basement walls are especially dangerous and signal severe foundation damage and the need for immediate repairs! While a home with a damaged foundation might not outright collapse, those walls risk collapsing. Consequently, this exposes a home’s interior to the elements and allows a foundation to weaken even further.

Above all, schedule a foundation inspection if your home has suffered damage that might indicate needed repair. For instance, have the foundation checked after a flood or fire. Contractors also recommend regular inspections once a foundation is at least five years old. Since foundations tend to degrade with age, your house definitely needs inspections the older it gets!

Is foundation repair in Corpus Christi worth it?

Homeowners might wonder if foundation repair is worth the cost, especially if it’s not covered by insurance. The short answer is yes, homeowners should always invest in needed foundation fixes. One reason is that foundation damage gets worse over time. Two, a damaged foundation often affects property values and your ability to resell.

Also, note that a sinking foundation risks secondary damage inside and outside the home, including the cracks mentioned above. Those cracks let in moisture that often leads to wood rot, drywall damage, and mold. Additionally, that moisture can mean rusted appliances and metal building materials around your property.

Above all, it’s vital that you consider foundation repair before your home sinks and settles. This damage can eventually require foundation leveling and underpinning. These repairs often run into the thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. Avoid this risk by scheduling needed repairs as soon as possible!

Better Foundation Repair Corpus Christi is happy to answer the question, does homeowners insurance cover foundation repair in Corpus Christi? Hopefully, you found this information helpful when it comes to your property. If you know it’s time for expert fixes, call our Corpus Christi foundation repair contractors. We offer FREE consultations and guaranteed fixes. To get your property started, give us a call right now!


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