How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost in Corpus Christi? (Various Methods)

February 15, 2022

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Having a solid foundation is a critical part of the home building. But once a builder lays the foundation, it's not a one-and-done thing. A homeowner must remain diligent about problems that may arise with their foundation.  This will minimize substantial financial losses from severe foundation problems. These problems may include flooding, sagging foundations, and even total collapse. Unfortunately, foundation problems are not always noticeable. Therefore, it is a good idea to establish routine inspections with a reliable and highly skilled local foundation company. This article examines some foundation problems and common foundation repair costs in Corpus Christi

Leaks and Other Moisture Problems

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One of the most common problems you will experience as a homeowner is moisture problems with your foundation. This problem is something that is difficult to avoid, but it is manageable if you establish regular inspections with a foundation company. Doing so will allow foundation contractors to spot problems and fix them while they are small before they become major, costly issues. Cracks in the foundation cause many foundation leaks. According to HomeAdvisor, sealing such needs cracks costs between $250 and $800.

On a national level, much more severe crack foundation repair may run between $2,000 and $12,000, with homeowners in Corpus Christi typically paying about $8,800. This is why it is critical for homeowners to address issues as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs. So, if you notice your basement walls sweating, pools of water forming around your foundation, or even smell musty odors, it's a good idea to call out the experts. 

Slab Foundation Cracks or Unevenness

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Another comment foundation problem you may face as a homeowner is slab foundation cracks or unevenness. A slab foundation house typically does not have a crawl space or basement. If your slab foundation is distressed, you will see cracks forming and notice that the floor is uneven. Usually, the soil moving around under the slab make calls these issues. However, some of the problems with your slab foundation may have started when the developer built the house. The problems with your slab foundation may not have been apparent when you first moved in. However, in time, the shift in the soil beneath your home may have made the problems more visible. 

A foundation contractor may fix slab problems using mud jacking or slab jacking. Slab jacking may cost between $3 to $16.70 per square foot, while mud jacking may cost between $3 and $6. Bold mud jacking and slab jacking or a very similar process. However, the type of material used is different. For instance, mud jacking involves drilling a hole in the concrete foundation and filling the void with a concrete slurry. On the other hand, slab jacking requires a contractor to drill a hole in the foundation and fill it with a polyurethane substance. A foundation contractor will be able to determine which method it's best for your particular foundation repair. 

Lifting or Sinking Foundation

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One of the most detrimental forms of foundation problems is a sinking foundation. This may be a problem that is common with older homes. However, this problem is not limited to older homes. Even newer builds can suffer from sinking foundations if developers didn't build the house on a proper foundation or the soil in the area is not stable. For instance, if the soil in your area is full of silt and there is a lot of moisture present, this could cause a lot of soil erosion and make your foundation sink. On the other hand, if the soil in your area is full of certain types of clay, expansion in the soil could cause the soil to expand underneath your home, pushing upward on your foundation. 

These problems with your foundation are not always detectable by an untrained eye. A highly skilled contractor will notice these problems and try to address them before they become a problem. But sometimes, you may be able to detect these issues yourself. For instance, if you have a sinking foundation, the most apparent problem will be uneven floors in your home. another issue that you may experience is that your doors and windows may not be opening properly. One more common problem that you may face is that your home cabinets do not shut. 

If you are experiencing house leveling problems with your foundation, you can expect to pay between $3,080 and $9,680. Foundation contractors will typically use piers to lift your home's structure back into place. Repairing a foundation in this manner can be one of the most expensive options not only because the foundation repair itself is costly but repairing other parts of the home damaged by the sinking foundation can also be expensive. Other areas that may need replacement could be windows, doors, cabinets, floors, walls, or the roof depending on the severity of the foundation problem. Even if there are no problems with these other areas of the home, if there are moisture issues present, you will have to pay for mold remediation, which could cost $10 to $25 per square foot.

Your home in Corpus Christi may be suffering from foundation problems that you aren't even aware of. The best way to deal with foundation issues is to prevent them in the first place. The experts at Better Foundation Repair Corpus Christi are eager to help you control costs associated with your foundation by providing regular inspections. To schedule an inspection and get a free quote on foundation repair services in Corpus Christi, contact us today.

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